Orthopedic Center

Guidelines for solving bone and joint problems without surgery. Reduce deterioration, injury, pain and inflammation. By using cell-level technology combined with modern technology and aging science. For the best treatment results by specialized doctors in the center of the joints and bones without surgery.

        Another option to solve problems with bone and joint diseases. Without surgery combining the science of aging. That is ready to take care of problems, joint pain, arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, etc., reduce injuries, slow down the deterioration. Relieve pain and inflammation by using modern technology to restore and nourish. And stimulate the repair of tissue in the body at the point. Take care deeply to the cell level. For the best treatment results by a team of specialist physicians who are ready to provide the following services.

  • Medical specialists, endoscopy, bone and joint

  • Bone mass density detection

  • Treatment of osteoarthritis without surgery (PRP: Platelet-rich plasma)

  • Providing vitamins and supplements

  • Physical therapy

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