Men & Women Health Center

Give Happiness to life, with comprehensive treatment by analyzing the cause of sexual dysfunction by using modern innovations concurrently hormones that possess the same molecular structure as natural hormones that our bodies can produce themselves.



        Design a hormone level care program for you to help encourage physical and mental readiness. It will make you have more life quality. The principle that hormonal levels begin to change at the age of around 30 years old which causing abnormal conditions or symptoms associated with hormonal disorders such as reduced energy levels, metabolism in the body decreases, skin changes, dryness, wrinkles, reduced muscle mass, increased body fat, thin bones, decreased memory, dementia, sleep disorders, sleep more difficult, sleep uneasy, irritability, depression, decreased sexual desire, etc.
      In addition, it may also increase the risk of hyperglycemia and ischemic heart disease. Including, the measurement of the balance levels of various hormones in the body such as metabolism hormones, sex hormones, sleep hormones, a stress hormone, insulin hormones, etc.

Programs are ready to serve as follows

1. Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT)

        At the Center for Anti-Aging Medicine, using hormones that have a chemical structure like human natural hormones (Bioidentical Hormone) only and closely monitored by adjusting hormone levels to suit individual needs for safety and maximum efficiency. The Panacee Hospital Rama II is ready to provide health care services with shock wave technology.   

2. ECP Program (External Counter Pulsation) 

        The program extends the life of the heart with massage technology to stimulate blood circulation.

3. Shock wave therapy (ESWT) sexual enhancement program.



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