Aesthetic Center

Skin and Beauty Center, the leader in facial lifting techniques to answer the perfect beauty with innovative technology received international standards. With exclusive service under the supervision of a team of dermatologists (Diplomate Thai Board of Dermatology) that is ready to take care of every detail. To return the value of the beauty that impresses. You will be both confident and impressed. Just get to experience the service and the standard above the level of the one here only.

Programs that are ready to serve as follows


1. Facial Treatment Revitalizes the skin for a radiant face.

  • BTH 3 vitamin pushes the skin according to facial skin.

  • Deep white treatment adds clarity.

  • Aura Lift Facial RF Treatment.

  • Cell Oxy cleans the skin with steam.

  • Miracle Mask increases moisture to the skin.

  • Face Solution Program Facial Rejuvenation Moisturize the skin with 3 formulas.


 2. Acne Scar: treat acne scars, ulcers, acne holes, large pores and increase collagen.

  • Silk Peel to exfoliate skin for new skin that is clear. Help tighten pores.

  • Skin Needle treats acne scars reduces wrinkles, dark circles, helps the skin smooth and clear, tightens pores.

  • Nano Prime solve acne hole problems stimulate collagen production smooth skin using RF energy through the gold tip head.


3. Facial Design adjust the shape of the face, V-Shape, reduce jaw, reduce wrinkles and replenish.

  • Botulinum solves specific problems adjust the face shape and reduce wrinkles.

  • Filler fills the deep groove and adjusts the physiognomy.


4. Face Lifting to solve the problem of facial skin that is not tight and sagging.

  • Hifu focussed on the face frame.

  • Sysma Lift Lifting the face with ultrasound waves without having to apply anesthetic.

  • Super Lift Thermage Lifting and tightening the face reduce cheek wrinkles.


5. Cell Therapy

        Refresh deep into skin cells aging adjust the balance of substances in the circulatory system.


6. Lasers

  • Laser Rejuvenation, white and pink face laser.

  • Laser Hair Removal Armpit Hair Removal.

  • Medlite C6 treat freckles and dark spots.

  • Beauty Secret program, hidden, white and smooth.


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